Aprons and Pinnies

pinnies and aprons

Ideas and inspirations…..

I came across a bundle of original WWII wraparound pinnies. They sold out as soon as I listed them on eBay, where I was then trading, so I realised how popular they are.

I made a sewing pattern, sourced similar vintage fabric and made another lot for sale which also sold out quickly.
This inspired me to look for vintage sewing patterns in other designs to widen my scope. What I found were patterns by big name companies reproducing vintage styles. I bought a couple but found they were not as good as patterns I made myself from original  illustrations. The making up was laborious and the whole project took far too long and in some cases and used far too much fabric.

I use only fabric that will stand repeated washing, cotton being the best. I am a great believer in recycling, especially old fabric and have never actually bought any from a shop for any of my projects. I buy all over the place and friends know not to throw anything away.

I make full length and half aprons and ones for mums and daughters. They are not just for the kitchen. Some can be used in the garden, for knitting  and any job that needs an apron with pockets.

In readiness to market my aprons I looked at my competitors products. Most sellers, particularly on eBay, have either one or two very basic designs and just change the colour and fabric combinations. This is mass production and not how I want to work. Every apron I make is unique and much thought goes into style, colour, fabric, finishing touches and of course quality.

As for aprons in shops, these seem to be confined to shops selling kitchen stuff and are usually rather sadly hanging as an afterthought on a hook somewhere.

Aprons need to be functional but they can also be attractive. My aim is to make my customers feel as good in them as they do with any of their other garments.

half apron

Aprons made to order

If you run a tea shop, café, coffee shop, restaurant, garden centre or other retail outlet where aprons are part of the uniform, then do contact me about custom made aprons to suit your brand or setting.

You can choose from one of the many styles I already have, along with my extensive stock of fabrics, or we can discuss a totally custom made solution for your business. Pricing is always agreed up front and once I have quoted a price that is the price you pay. Feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.

Please contact me by email… iris@theoldparlour.net or call 01434 381531.