About Me

Welcome to my shop The Old Parlour

Step into my world of hand made, aprons, bags, cushion covers, jackets, belts and anything that I can sew.

The beginnings of the shop….

I have always had an interest in old stuff. I find it rewarding to acquire something that I know nothing about and learn about it through research.

The natural progression was to open a little shop “THE OLD PARLOUR” in the ground floor of our house. We traded for around 7 years but the fun disappeared along with customers. We live in an isolated community and at first had very many visitors who would come to check out our stock on each visit. It helped that there were 4 other similar outlets in the Town. These all closed and with the recession biting the visitors dried up. The inability to turnover stock meant I had to stop buying and this was the part I enjoyed the most.

With a certain amount of relief we closed the shop and I started trading on eBay.

The next stage….

Ebay reaches the whole World but trading does come with drawbacks and high costs. I do not want to criticise as I traded successfully on eBay for many years but I do like the power to run my own business in the way I want and not be restricted nor dictated to. And I do like to meet my customers.

And then…..

I found I missed the shop but realised there was no point in opening again selling the same merchandise. So I am reopening the shop again on 28 June 2018, and online, selling high quality hand made handbags, cushions, cushion covers, lightweight jackets, belts and aprons, anything that I can sew.

I am a qualified seamstress and have been sewing all my life. I was taught by my mum making everything by hand until we acquired an old cast iron hand crank machine, a great step forward! I now use a computerised machine that has over two hundred different stitches, progress indeed.